The Power of Words workshop

Explore how the use of negative, powerless words can impact our lives compared to positive constructive statements. In this workshop will discuss how we can regain control and frame word choices to have a more positive impact on your world. Leave with several practices to help improve self-awareness over the words you choose to describe yourself and your life. Workshops are 90 minutes.

Blasting through Blocks workshop

You might be feeling uninspired, emotionally drained or lacking direction. Maybe life seems harder and requires more effort than usual. This workshop will help identify what’s holding you back and reconnect with your inner spirit. Leave with a renewed sense of self, confidence and focus. Workshops are 90 minutes.

designing the life you love workshop

Use this time together to consider the areas of your life that bring you joy, daydream about your perfect day, month and year, and who might be there with you. We’ll also look at what might be holding you back from where you are now, and creating the life you dream up. Leave this workshop with strategies for cultivating the possibility of a life filled with constant love, joy and purpose. Workshops are 90 minutes.

journey to intention workshop

Do you ever feel like life is bullying you? Do external events or other people often push you to the edge of sanity? In this workshop, we will consider how we deal with challenges, as well as how we might direct our own course in ways that are personally meaningful and fulfilling. Workshops are 90 minutes.


When Life Auto-corrects to Love - monthly Series

Join the Thrive Coaching Studio community for a FREE monthly discussion. Generally held the last Thursday of each month at 6:00pm.

Standing In Your Light Bootcamp ($150)

By the end of this day, you’ll feel connected to the intuitive intelligence of who you are, have strategies to break free of limitations and patterns holding you back from experiencing the life you desire and deserve, and develop the capacity to stand in your light - creating higher levels of joy, love and clarity in all areas of your life. Upcoming workshop dates:

cultivating courage bootcamp($150)

If you love the Cultivating Courage Podcast, this is the workshop for you. Join host Kristin Robinson for a day of exploring the narratives we all have in our minds holding us back from taking steps towards creating our most fulfilling lives. Upcoming workshop dates:

Growth Group - 6 weeks ($250)

The Thrive Coaching Studio Growth Groups are all about creating connections and community. These groups meet weekly for 60 minutes to discuss blocks and more importantly solutions, actions and practices. Your group will cheer you on, support your efforts and hold you accountable.